The Longest Shortest Time

The Longest Shortest Time

In summer 2019, I helped produce the final two seasons of the award-winning parenting and family show The Longest Shortest Time, hosted by Andrea Silenzi and Hillary Frank.

I worked on the following episodes:

  • When Mommy Boobs Go Viral
  • Breaking Cycles (and Chairs!) with Kulap Vilaysack
  • Oh, The Places You Shouldn’t Go!
  • When YouTube Is Your Birth Coach
  • Aack! How Cathy Became a Mom
  • Sperm Series: I Download an App
  • Sperm Series: I Visit a Sperm Bank
  • Sperm Series: I Ask a Friend
  • The Accidental Gay Parents, 6
  • How Raina Telgemeier Got Cuts
  • It’s a Real Mother, Part 5: Now What?
  • The, Like, Show. Wavy Edition.
  • John Hodgman On Being a Villain Without Really Trying
  • We Made You a Mix Tape


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